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Lawyer Modiin

The office is a family boutique law office that supports the provision of personal and professional legal services all along the way.
Prior to commencing the engagement with the client, a face-to-face consultation session is held (or by phone) to understand the client’s needs and expectations, and accordingly, the highest quality legal treatment is adapted for him.
Our firm supports complete transparency and allows the customer to receive regular updates on his behalf as much as he wishes, even after hours of office activity.
Our firm provides legal services in the civil-commercial field, including setting up a company, locating land, locating heirs, drafting commercial agreements, land sales agreements, wills and estates, execution law, intellectual property and labor law.
The service is available in Hebrew and English.
We will be happy to assist you with any question at 08-6313001 or email:
Adv. Oz Shoshan
Adv. Dana Shoshan